Welcome to 2022 - My Year of NOURISH to FLOURISH!

New Courses & Challenges Coming Soon- Watch this space for MORE! 

Oct 2021 Intuitive Development Circle

When we open up to practise deepening our intuition, we create more space for it in our day to day lives.  And it naturally begins to deepen and strengthen. Working within a group builds confidence, and further strengthens this as a practise. And, it is fun! Energy builds, and flows where intention grows... 

I look forward to sharing this with you.

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Delighted to share space and time with you. 

Logistics and Zoom Links here. 

Topic: Jan 2021 Intuitive Development Circle
Time: Jan 7, 2021 07:30 PM London
        Every week on Thursday eve for 6 weeks. 

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Meeting ID: 869 5760 8005
Passcode: 686828

Getting Started

Intention Setting

Because through setting our intention we align with our growth, with our potential, and all the stars and energy in this divine universe...

Week 2 - Grounded and Flying

We grow, through having our roots deep into the soil...

We fly, when we are anchored...

Week 3 - Holding and being held

A bit of a change to format today - an audio intro, and a meditation! 

So much has been going on - for us all! 

This feels like a good time to remember to breathe.... 

And know that we don't have to do it all on our own....


Week 4 - Expansion and Fear (Contraction)


Recording today's video, rather than writing it - it was the only way I could get it off the tip of my tongue and into the world, I was left with this insight:

Week 5 - Expansion


This is a funny one - I want to focus on the Expansion. But first I am going to talk about fear. 

We cannot get to the expansion if we are hiding from our fear. So lets pop that bubble and get beyond it... And I'll load up some exercises and practises to help us do just that, as well as sharing "stuff". 

Fear is the stuff which keeps us small. 

When we can go beyond fear - we soar! Fear is the fertiliser that allows us to grow....

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