Welcome to 2022 - My Year of NOURISH to FLOURISH!

New Courses & Challenges Coming Soon- Watch this space for MORE! 

Into Connection, Into Flow - A 33 Day Journey, taking us deeper into Connection, Sacred Practise in the Day to Day, & Flow


I am delighted to see you here - and to share this space with you. 

Each day a meditation, suggestion or practise will be offered. Go as fast or as slow as you like - Make it your own. Each day's practise is 15 - 25mins, supporting you in coming deeper into your own connection. 

The Intention is to Deepen into your Own Flow. To become more aware in each moment of your Intuition, to your sense of Connection, and the Creative Curiosity which draws you deeper into your most Joy-filled Life. 

Thoughts may come up, Emotions get stirred. You may notice the desire for change in one area of your life or another... 

Let your Curiosity play, and your Intuition surface with no need to take radical action until right timing, knowing you will know when it is the right time. 

This is a time of exploration, and deepening into Sacred Practise. Let's sit with this and explore, Coming into a greater sense of Flow within your day to day. 

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