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Embed Love


When we love, we have the power and ability to transform the world around us.

This course centres around our ability to love, to embed this into our daily lives as part of a sacred practise, and into the world around us. 

Love is the greatest power we have - the more we embrace it, share it, offer it and give it, the more space we create for this force in our day to day lives. The more love we have to offer, the greater is the potential for transformation - for ourselves, and all around us.  For the planet beneath our feet, the skies around us and the future we are gifting the children yet to inherit what we leave behind.... 

This Course focusses around this - the power of Love, for ourselves and as a transformational force on this planet... 

The more we do this - create and hold space for Love - the more we create pockets where this energy is embedded into our world, supporting both ourselves and others as we all face deep healing.  Deep healing comes with transformation and change.  This process is not always comfortable - but it is necessary. 

Embed Love is a Bespoke Course of 7 Weeks of Sacred Practise, Meditations and Deep Healing - at an individual level, and at a collective level.

The first session for Embed Love is 26th August 2021, Bookings are open now. Or choose to join the course at a later date and simply receive the recordings & notes. 

Weekly Zoom sessions on a Thursday, 8pm UK time recorded and shared to your inbox, course notes where appropriate, and a private Community group for sharing and support are all part of the deliciousness offered here...  

All live courses or meditations offered by me are Bespoke - working with the Energy of the Group in front of me, the Intuitions of that moment, and the Guidance received from Soul in that moment.  These live courses "Ground" my work into the everyday and from here, the meditations are shared within the course structure - creating a template for further work. No two courses are ever the same, as the work changes to reflect the individuals present in each moment.

Pricing on all courses is accessible pricing for a Heart and Soul Centred Practise.  Choose the pricing structure which resonates with you, offer more if you feel guided, or if your situation means that financially signing up to a course with me would be create financial hardship for you - let's find a creative way to work around that. 

It is an honour to welcome you into this shared space.  Thank you for your participation, and for the love you already hold and offer.  I look forward to sharing MORE with you and creating space for MORE - embedding this into our everyday lives...

I am aware for the last few weeks I have been preparing for this space, looking at it sideways, questioning, shifting and simply - deepening into being... I'm excited to dive into it with you, to explore, and I am intrigued by some of the astrological and seasonal shifts which fall during the course - what effect the energy of these will have... I welcome you into this journey with me - and I look forward to sharing the time, space and deep healing which can evolve from within this space as we journey together.  Thank you, for your commitment to being here, NOW. 


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