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Journeying with Trees

29 Modules

The Earth beneath our Feet...

Hidden beneath our feet is an information highway which allows plants and trees - to communicate and help each other out. 


Grounding / Earthing

The Stuff Stars - and You - are made from

Everything around us and within us is made of energy. 

Seasons & Stars


Entering into the Forest & Creating Ceremony

The Forest is a place for deep respect, for reverence and awe... 

10th June - 7th July Oak

8th July - 4th August Holly

5th August - 1st September Hazel

2nd September - 29th September TBC

30th September - 27th October Ivy

28th October - 23rd November TBC Yew

24th November - 23rd December TBC Elder

24th December - 20th January Birch

21st January - 17th February Rowan

18th February - 17th March Ash

18th March -14th April Alder

15th April - 12th May Willow

Endings & New Beginnings

Modules for this product 29
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